Moldovan Banks Association (ABM) was established in 1993 by free will of its members associated as public, nongovernmental, noncommercial organization to jointly achieve the goals defined in the Statute. The Association operates in accordance with the Constitution, the Civil Code, Law of the Republic of Moldova no. 837 of 17 May 1996 on Public Associations, and its Statute.
The principles governing ABM work are: freedom of association, autonomy, self-management, legality, publicity and transparency, equal rights of all members, free expression of opinion and access to information concerning the ABM.

ABM has the main objectives in its activity:

- Promotion and protection of individual and common rights and interests of its members in Parliament, Government, National Bank of Moldova and other public authorities;
- Organisation of interbank cooperation, promotion of banking policies in the interest of Association members;
- Participation in the refinement of the normative-legal framework and in drafting financial-banking regulations, etc.